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Andrius born in Lithuania in 1983. He started to sing at young age. 

In Vilnius he played with some bands. With one of them, the Hetero, won EuroRock 2006.

He sterted his career like songwriter in Irland were he lived for one year.

"Astuoni" is his debut album. The album has 8 tracks that are a good representation of the artist style. Astuoni was recorder in Massive Arts, Milan, in 2012. His firs single Traukiniai arrived in a good position in Lithuanian Top 20 and video was show in National Television. 

Now Andrius is living on the bridge between Italy and Lithuania. 

In December Andrius won the "Eurovision Song Contest" in Lithuania and He reach the final in Malmo (Sweden) in May. Now He is planning to do a tour around Lithuania and the video of "Something".

Andrius started also to write new songs for his second album.


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