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“I didn't study music. I tasted and ate it, sipped and drank it. Occasionally threw it out”


I’m a independent pop singer and songwriter. 

I was born in Lithuania and I started to sing at the age of 6 in a local choir, after my parents saw my attempts singing into made up microphone.

At the age of 15 I got my first guitar and started to compose songs.

Soon after writing my first ones I told my classmate I’d like to start a band and a year later we played our first gig in our school. The band was called "No Hero". My dream came true.




Leaving hometown and band wasn’t easiest thing to go through but new city and people opened bigger opportunities to reach the audience. 

In 2006  “Hetero” where I played guitar and wrote songs won "EuroRock Contest” and had a great trip in a van around Europe playing gigs and jam sessions with musicians from Germany, France, UK, Netherland. After this great period the band has split. Our former manager suggested to replace singer and drummer. We’ve tried but it was a complete flop.




My solo career in pop music started while living in Ireland after. I wrote major part of my first album (in Lithuanian). "Aštuoni" is the name of this album. The album was recorded in 2012 in Milan where I moved after Ireland. The record was made at "Massive Arts Studios" with Fabrizio Grenghi as producer and arranger. The first single of the album "Traukiniai" arrived in Lithuanian Top 20 and the video it is still transmitted by the National broadcaster LRT.  


“There is no silence so turn the music up ”




In December of 2013 I was selected to represent Lithuania in "Eurovision Song Contest" with the song "Something" where I was the writer and performer. At the Eurovision I have reached the final (Sweden 2013) competing with great musicians from all Europe.


“Music is giving me a chance to share the light passing through the words and melody”




After making a tour in my country, I moved to live in UK. There I’ve started writing new material in english and working along with Lincoln University audio production students and with the Massive arts Studio. 

18 months in England gave it’s fruits, once the album was ready, I’ve packed my bags and came in Valencia, Spain to record it.

I’m actually working on this new record through the support of my followers with a found-raising campaign on Kickstarter. The album will be recorded at the Cut Record Studio in Valencia and realised in May.


“Fundamental ingredients of my melody: Peace, Freedom, Respect”



In the near future I plan a tour to share my new record, starting from Spain and moving around EU.


After all, I feel that the music I am currently working on can touch, inspire, encourage and give people moments of interior comfort :)                                     




Enjoy and share it.

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